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( 15 Oct 2020)
Bank Credit Growth Decelerates To 5.7% On Year In June Quarter: RBI

Bank credit growth decelerated for the sixth successive quarter and stood at 5.7 percent on year in June 2020 with the moderation witnessed across all bank groups, according to the Reserve Bank of India web publication entitled Quarterly Basic Statistical Returns (BSR). It captures various characteristics of bank credit such as occupation/activity and organisational sector of the borrower, type of account, and interest rates. Data covering 1,25,686 branches of 90 SCBs (excluding Regional Rural Banks) are presented for bank groups, population groups and states.

Industrial credit contracted by 0.6 per cent on year in June 2020 and its share in overall credit declined to 30.8 percent from 32.8 percent a year ago; credit to household sector, on the other hand, increased by 9.0 percent (Y-o-Y) and its share in total credit rose to 50.2 percent from 48.7 percent a year ago. The weighted average lending rate (WALR) on outstanding credit declined by 25 basis points during the quarter ended June 2020 and by 55 basis points over the last one year.