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( 13 Jun 2019)
Beardsell Ltd. - Reply to Clarification Sought

BEARDSELL: The Exchange had sought clarification from Beardsell Limited with respect to announcement dated 22-May-2019, regarding 'Pursuant to Regulation 30 (2) read with Part-A of Schedule III of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing obligations and Disclosure Requirements ) Regulations 2015, please find notice of petition filed with National Company Law Board Tribunal under section 241 to 244 of the Companies Act 2013 by our Director Mr.Bharat Anumolu'.". On basis of above the Company was required to clarify following: 1. Quantum of claims, if any 2. Expected financial implications, if any, due to compensation, penalty etc; 3. Brief details of litigation viz. name(s) of the opposing party, court/ tribunal/agency where litigation is filed, brief details of dispute/litigation. The response of the Company is attached.