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( 12 Apr 2019)
Sugar export business rises to 17.44 lakh tonnes for FY19

The country has progressed in sugar export business as it surged to 17.44 lakh tonnes so far in the current marketing year, ending September, as against about 5 lakh tonnes shipped in the entire 2017-18.

As per the report, out of the 17.44 lakh tonnes exported between October 1 and April 6, raw sugar accounted for nearly 8 lakh tonnes and another 4.3 lakh tonnes are in the export pipeline.

The major export ports are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Iran.

The Indian govt. is providing various incentives to boost sugar exports.

The calculation shows that India's sugar production is estimated to decline to around 310 lakh tonnes this marketing year from 325 lakh tonnes in the previous year. Still, the country has surplus stock as annual domestic demand is around 260 lakh tonnes and mills are carrying a huge stock from the previous year.