Bulk Deals

Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the companies.

Company NameDeal DateBuy / SellClient NameQuantityPrice ()
Punj Lloyd 07/12/2018SIFCI LTD.23670244.52
Jet Airways 07/12/2018BSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...928762280.53
Jet Airways 07/12/2018BCROSSLAND TRADING CO590587279.19
Jet Airways 07/12/2018SSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...928762280.67
Jet Airways 07/12/2018SCROSSLAND TRADING CO590587279.31
Reliance Com 07/12/2018BSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...1435340816.13
Reliance Com 07/12/2018SSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...1435340816.15
Texmaco Rail & Engin 07/12/2018SEQUITY INTELLIGENCE IND...114524151.02
Texmaco Rail & Engin 07/12/2018SEQUITY INTELLIGENCE IND...178036451.01
Texmaco Rail & Engin 07/12/2018BAEQUITAS INVESTMENT CON...340420051.00
Reliance Com 06/12/2018BSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...1788948515.81
Reliance Com 06/12/2018SSHAASTRA SECURITIES TRA...1788948515.83
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