Block Deals

Get a list of block deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the companies.

Company NameDeal DateBuy / SellClient NameQuantityPrice ()
HEG Ltd. 21/06/2021SJHUNJHUNWALA RAVI1500002,085.00
HEG Ltd. 21/06/2021BLNJ FINANCIAL SERVICES ...1500002,085.00
HEG Ltd. 18/06/2021SRISHABH JHUNJHUNWALA700002,060.00
HEG Ltd. 18/06/2021SJHUNJHUNWALA RITA700002,060.00
HEG Ltd. 18/06/2021BPURVI VANIJYA NIYOJAN L...700002,060.00
HEG Ltd. 18/06/2021BBHARAT INVESTMENTS GROW...700002,060.00
HEG Ltd. 17/06/2021SRIJU JHUNJHUNWALA1000002,180.00
HEG Ltd. 17/06/2021BPURVI VANIJYA NIYOJAN L...1000002,180.00
HEG Ltd. 15/06/2021SJHUNJHUNWALA RAVI1500002,280.00
HEG Ltd. 15/06/2021BLNJ FINANCIAL SERVICES ...1500002,280.00
V-Guard Ind.Ltd. 14/06/2021SCHITTILAPPILLY THOMAS K...5000000265.00
V-Guard Ind.Ltd. 14/06/2021BSBI MUTUAL FUND5000000265.00
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