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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
Achyut Healthcare Ltd. Public Issue 20--2017/03/202222/03/2022
Adani Wilmar Ltd. Public Issue 230698.05698.1527/01/202231/01/2022
Aether Industries Ltd. Public Cum Offer...642----24/05/202226/05/2022
AGS Transact Technologies L... Public Cum Offer...17587.8587.5519/01/202221/01/2022
Alkosign Ltd. Public Issue 45--45.2518/01/202221/01/2022
Bhatia Colour Chem Ltd. Public Issue 80--51.914/03/202216/03/2022
Campus Activewear Ltd. Public Cum Offer...292337.25337.226/04/202228/04/2022
Cool Caps Industries Ltd. Public Issue 3880.5--10/03/202215/03/2022
Delhivery Ltd. Public Cum Offer...487499.8505.311/05/202213/05/2022
Dhyaani Tile and Marblez Lt... Public Issue 51--6030/03/202204/04/2022
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics L... FPO - Fixed Price125--5618/01/202220/01/2022
Eighty Jewellers Ltd. Public Issue 41--38.831/03/202205/04/2022
Ekennis Software Service Lt... Public Issue 72--98.421/02/202224/02/2022
Empyrean Cashews Ltd. Public Issue 37218--21/03/202223/03/2022
eMudhra Ltd. Public Cum Offer...256----20/05/202224/05/2022
Ethos Ltd. Public Cum Offer...878----18/05/202220/05/2022
Evoq Remedies Ltd. Public Issue 37--13.817/03/202222/03/2022
Fidel Softech Ltd. Public Issue 37----30/05/202202/06/2022
Fone4 Communications (India... Public Issue 10--7.425/04/202227/04/2022
Global Longlife Hospital an... Public Issue 140--87.121/04/202225/04/2022
Globesecure Technologies Lt... Public Issue 29----23/05/202225/05/2022
Hariom Pipe Industries Ltd. Public Issue 153202.8202.930/03/202205/04/2022
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