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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
A and M Jumbo Bags Ltd. Public Issue 6557--29/01/201802/02/2018
A-1 Acid Ltd. Public Issue 60--61.1525/09/201801/10/2018
Aakash Exploration Services... Public Issue 5628--17/04/201819/04/2018
Aaron Industries Ltd. Public Issue 3838.1--20/08/201824/08/2018
Aavas Financiers Ltd. Public Cum Offer...821665.15665.0525/09/201827/09/2018
Accuracy Shipping Ltd. Public Issue 8463--11/06/201814/06/2018
Active Clothing Co Ltd. Public Issue 65--29.912/03/201814/03/2018
Add-Shop Promotions Ltd. Public Issue 26--26.521/08/201830/08/2018
Advitiya Trade India Ltd. Public Issue 15--2814/03/201816/03/2018
Affordable Robotic & Automa... Public Issue 85--10224/05/201828/05/2018
Ahlada Engineers Ltd. Public Issue 150145--11/09/201818/09/2018
AKG Exim Ltd. Public Issue 3134.25--10/09/201814/09/2018
Aki India Ltd. Public Issue 11--11.2428/09/201803/10/2018
Akshar Spintex Ltd. Public Cum Offer...40--20.327/04/201803/05/2018
Ambani Organics Ltd. Public Cum Offer...6667.25--06/07/201810/07/2018
Amber Enterprises India Ltd. Public Cum Offer...859865.684717/01/201819/01/2018
Angel Fibers Ltd. Public Cum Offer...27--2720/02/201823/02/2018
Apollo Micro Systems Ltd. Public Issue 275131.45131.9510/01/201812/01/2018
Arihant Institute Ltd. Public Issue 30--2623/05/201828/05/2018
Arvee Laboratories (India) ... Public Issue 6154.5--09/02/201814/02/2018
Ashoka Metcast Ltd. Public Issue 20--4.5623/01/201825/01/2018
Aster DM Healthcare Ltd. Public Cum Offer...190159.45161.812/02/201815/02/2018
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