Margin Pledge Online Mechanism

Margin Pledge Mechanism

As per SEBI guidelines, client can mark pledge in favour of Trading Member for availing the Margin Facility against the securities available in your Demat Account.
In order to make this process seamless, we are glad to let you know that we have a mechanism in place for you to initiate the request through an online portal.

What are the major changes ?

  1. From now onwards, any stock on hold will not be considered for margin.
  2. Margin against the stocks lying in your demat account will now be possible only through the new pledge mechanism.
  3. No stocks can be kept in Adroits demat account, including stocks bought under MTF.
  4. Stocks bought under MTF will have to be compulsorily pledged.

What is the process to initiate Margin Pledge Request ? 

  1. Go to > Go to BackOffice
  2. Click on Margin Pledge Request.
  3. Enter your Client Code as Username and Pan Number as Password to login.
  4. Now click on Margin Pledge. Choose your Depository & Segment in which you want to mark the pledged securities. 
  5. Enter quantity of shares you wish to pledge and click continue. 
  6. Confirm the pledge requested. 
Who can initiate Margin Pledge Request through this facility ?

Clients who have a Demat account with Adroit and are having POA activated from our DP System can avail this facility. For Non- POA Clients, we require a physical Demat Pledge Request in prescribed format as mentioned in our previous mail. 

What happens after I initiate the pledge request on Adroit platform ?

  1. Our team will run batches of margin pledge request at a interval of 12am, 3pm and 6pm. 
  2. NSDL / CDSL will send you a link on the mobile number/e-mail id that is registered with your demat account. You will receive SMS on the registered mobile number and e-mail id with a link to OTP authentication of Margin Pledge Transactions.
  3. You will be redirected to a web page and prompted to enter “PAN” or “BO ID” and consequently a list of all margin pledge transactions pending for authentication will be presented.
  4. On selection, you will be prompted to generate OTP. Generated OTP will be sent on the registered Mobile Number and registered Email ID of the client.
  5. Once the pledge is approved, collateral margins will be provided against the pledged stock.

What if my mobile/e-mail ID are not updated in my demat account details?

Ideally, You should get your mobile number/email id updated in your demat account before you initiate any pledge request. Nonetheless, if one of them is not updated, you can access the link through the other. This may make your pledge/un-pledge experience unreliable and open up risks for you. We feel you should update your mobile no. and e-mail id in your demat a/c registered details.

What if I do not receive the link on my registered mobile/e-mail id?

This is unusual but if it does happen, contact our customer care.

What if multiple demat accounts in my family have the same registered mobile number/e-mail id?

In this case, the links and OTPs for pledge requests for all such demat accounts will be shared on the same mobile/email id. However, you should be cautious while entering the corresponding PAN or other details while validating the initiated pledge request.

We hope that you take note of these changes and follow the revised process for Margin Pledge. In case of queries, you may contact your Branch/Customer Care team at 0120-6826800 or write us on
Thank you for your continued patronage with Adroit.

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