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Company NameAnnc. DateExisting Inst.
Ratio ExistRatio OfferOffer Inst.
Face Value
Exist Inst.
Face Value
Offer Inst.
Rights Prem.XR Date
Bharti Airtel 29/08/2021Equity Share141Equity Share5553027/09/2021
Bharat Gears 12/08/2021Equity Share101Equity Share10109528/10/2021
Natural Capsules 07/08/2021Equity Share21Equity Share101080 
Ridhi Synthetics 26/07/2021Equity Share14Equity Share10100 
Asian Granito I.. 14/07/2021Equity Share2919Equity Share10109008/09/2021
Texmaco Rail & .. 15/05/2021Equity Share72Equity Share112221/10/2021
Kesoram Industri 14/05/2021Equity Share274133Equity Share - PP10104016/09/2021
Nxtdigital L 13/05/2021Equity Share52Equity Share101029022/10/2021
Texel Industries 08/05/2021Equity Share9255Equity Share - PP10103013/08/2021
Beardsell Ltd. 07/05/2021Equity Share31Equity Share220 
Sundaram Financ.. 01/04/2021Equity Share4923Equity Share554526/04/2021
RPP Infra Proje.. 17/02/2021Equity Share53Equity Share10102017/09/2021
Megasoft Ltd. 12/02/2021Equity Share32Equity Share1010012/07/2021
Vikas Lifecare 06/02/2021Equity Share52Equity Share11120/05/2021
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