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Company NameAnnc. DateExisting Inst.
Ratio ExistRatio OfferOffer Inst.
Face Value
Exist Inst.
Face Value
Offer Inst.
Rights Prem.XR Date
Sundaram Financ.. 01/04/2021Equity Share4923Equity Share554526/04/2021
Arvind Fashions 03/02/2021Equity Share203Equity Share4413123/02/2021
Aplab 02/02/2021Equity Share11Equity Share10100 
India Grid Trust 22/01/2021Equity Share51Equity Share0011026/03/2021
Rajapalayam Mill 11/12/2020Equity Share61Equity Share101055904/03/2021
Authum Investme.. 23/11/2020Equity Share52Equity Share10107117/02/2021
KDDL Ltd. 11/11/2020Equity Share757Equity Share101022030/03/2021
L&T Finance Hol.. 09/11/2020Equity Share7417Equity Share10105521/01/2021
WEP Solutions 06/11/2020Equity Share83Equity Share1010010/03/2021
Shoppers Stop 16/10/2020Equity Share7017Equity Share5513519/11/2020
Emerald Leasing.. 26/09/2020Equity Share1942Equity Share1010027/01/2021
Mold-Tek Packag.. 21/09/2020Equity Share501Equity Share - PP5517521/10/2020
Patel Integrate.. 15/09/2020Equity Share4727Equity Share1010017/02/2021
EIH Ltd. 07/09/2020Equity Share858Equity Share226322/09/2020
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