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Company NameAnnc. DateExisting Inst.
Ratio ExistRatio OfferOffer Inst.
Face Value
Exist Inst.
Face Value
Offer Inst.
Rights Prem.XR Date
Dynemic Products 26/04/2022Equity Share201Equity Share - PP101044012/05/2022
7NR Retail Ltd. 11/04/2022Equity Share11Equity Share111 
Sampre Nutrition 10/03/2022Equity Share12Equity Share10105 
Satyam S Mills L 12/02/2022Equity Share15Equity Share10100 
Asian Granito I.. 04/02/2022Equity Share3037Equity Share10105311/04/2022
HCP Plastene Bu.. 24/01/2022Equity Share53Equity Share101059016/03/2022
Deep Polymers 15/01/2022Equity Share1006Equity Share1010340 
Nakoda Group Of.. 15/01/2022Equity Share41Equity Share101011030/03/2022
Saboo Sodium Ch 07/01/2022Equity Share00Equity Share10100 
Wockhardt Ltd. 06/01/2022Equity Share103Equity Share5522008/03/2022
Advik Capital 28/12/2021Equity Share519Equity Share11210/03/2022
Data Infrastruc.. 28/12/2021InvITs881InvITs0011016/02/2022
Visagar Polytex.. 24/12/2021Equity Share11Equity Share111 
Integra Essentia 22/12/2021Equity Share1333Equity Share11104/05/2022
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