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You can view the list of companies which have issued rights recently.

Company NameAnnc. DateExisting Inst.
Ratio ExistRatio OfferOffer Inst.
Face Value
Exist Inst.
Face Value
Offer Inst.
Rights Prem.XR Date
5Paisa Capital 12/09/2018Equity Share11Equity Share101070 
Hind.Constructi.. 05/09/2018Equity Share10049Equity Share11920/11/2018
Krebs Biochemic.. 30/07/2018Equity Share10021Equity Share10107631/01/2019
Capital India F.. 25/07/2018Equity Share54Equity Share10106218/12/2018
Max Ventures an.. 11/06/2018Equity Share6667Equity Share10105121/06/2018
Shalimar Paints 23/05/2018Equity Share23Equity Share226306/11/2018
LGB Forge Ltd. 10/04/2018Equity Share1000588Equity Share11203/01/2019